DarkRP Rules

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I. Use common sense: We are not going to write the obvious rules here (propclimbing, RDA) if you have played DarkRP before you know not to go around making a bunch of dicks on the street. Here are some examples of what you should not do:
Build a giant staircase made of watermelons to raid.
Spam 30 fading doors.
Go up to a group of people and start firing.
Try to crash the server.
Be a cock.

II.Justified Killing: We try to provide the most chilled darkrp experience while still keeping an element of realism. This is why we have a justified killing rule, a person may kill another person for virtually any reason. Its up to the Police to arrest the person that has been killed. We only intervene if a person is getting continually harassed and murdered, or mass RDM'ing.

III. Adverts: Although we have reverted the advert system to previous DarkRP versions, we do not want you to advert everytime you do raid, carjack, assassinate, etc. The only reason you should be using /advert is to actually advertise your crappy knife shop or other.

IV. "@" Use: Our staff are not there to hold your hand in every fight you get in with a player, we don't do admin sits, they're useless and just cause more problems. If someone tells you that you smell bad, figure it out, you have guns for a reason, use them. The only reason that we might do an admin sit is if a player is being completely toxic, harassing you for no reason or continuously killing you. That being said we are not completely useless, we do have staff, if you have a genuine question, or someone is doing something that needs further admin intervention, feel free to use it.

V. Toxicity: This is a game, if you're being as toxic as a North American CSGO competitive match, you will be warned and eventually kicked or banned.

VI. Job Specific Rules: We don't have many job specific rules, once again, USE COMMON SENSE. Before doing something ask yourself, would a person with this job or specialty do this in real life? If yes than you can go ahead.
 a) Self Supplying: We do not have a rule on self supplying, you bought the items with your cash, how you use them is up to you.
 b) Being Corrupt: Yes, you can be corrupt. Stop asking us this every second. As long as you don't go around randomly arresting people, you're good to go.
 c) Raiding: Every criminal has a specialty, every job or class is allowed to raid, except for dealers and citizens.